Having a happy, healthy sex life is something everyone should enjoy, but sometimes things do go wrong. Sometimes your body doesn't respond as it should to your partner. This doesn't have to be anyone's fault and can happen for numerous reasons such as stress, tiredness, high blood pressure or medication amongst other things. Our sexual health supplements aim to restore our natural libido and give us back our zing.

L-Arginine is renowned for its properties which increase circulation, and as such, is useful for erectile dysfunction when poor circulation is to blame. Maca may help to restore a hormonal imbalance, which can occur during the menopause, one of the main reasons women ‘going through the change’ lose their sex drive. Those who are simply too tired could be helped by Acetyl L-Carnitine and Folic Acid, Korean Ginseng is a popular supplement for impotence and Zinc may help overcome fertility problems.

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