Ginseng is a natural plant that is commonly found in cooler climates in North America and parts of Eastern Asia, whose medicine is found in the plant's root. Treatments using ginseng have been used for centuries in Asia and North America. There are two main types: Asian or Korean plant name, panax ginseng and American- panax quinquefolious. Ginseng is often refereed to as a well-being medication since it has shown a significant benefits for the whole body. 

Although studies have shown that the American grown may sometimes come off less stimulating than ginseng found in Asia. There are a few other supplements that use the same name, for example, eleuthero and Tibetan ginseng. Although they may be tied in name with ginseng, they do not contain the active ingredient- ginsenosides. 
Studies have found that the benefits found from taking ginseng to be, beneficial to boot immune system, may help lower blood sugar levels, reduce stress, and so many more. May temporarily improve concentration, learning, and helps boost moods. In ginseng grown in America another benefit has shown to reduce severity in colds with adults. 

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