Five Supplements for Headaches

Did you know that supplements can be quite effective in the prevention and treatment of headaches? Read on for the scoop on the five best supplements to incorporate into your diet if you’re prone to headaches.

1. Magnesium

If you have migraine headaches, take note. This type of pain is often due to low magnesium in the body, particularly if you are a woman who experiences headaches that coincide with your menstrual cycle. Several controlled clinical studies have shown that taking a daily dose of magnesium over a period of three to four months is effective in headache prevention for many people.

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2. Butterbur

This herb, which is an effective anti-inflammatory supplement, may be helpful in the prevention of migraine headaches. For best results, take it twice a day at a dosage of 75 milligrams each day if you’re prone to getting migraines.

3. Feverfew

Another herb that may be effective for migraine prevention, feverfew comes in leaves that resemble chamomile and can be taken either as a tea or in a capsule. In one clinical study, those who took feverfew regularly had a 24 percent reduction in frequency and severity of headaches, compared to the group who took a placebo.

4. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Studies show that a lack of B vitamins is common among people who frequently have migraine headaches. For prevention, take about 400 milligrams of B2 a day as a separate supplement, even if you already take a multivitamin with riboflavin included.

5. Vitamin D

While most of these supplements prevent migraines and other headaches, vitamin D can actually help alleviate the pain of headaches. Take a supplement; alternatively, you can eat foods with lots of vitamin D (such as cheese, mushrooms and eggs) or spend time more in the sun.

Many unwanted symptoms that our bodies experience can be chalked up to a deficiency of certain vitamins, and your doctor can run a simple test for deficiencies. Taking supplements may help you avoid headaches and other troublesome ailments. As with any new supplement, check with a health professional before starting a new treatment regime.