Zinc is considered an essential mineral or trace element that is important to the human body and its immune system. It is believed to be essential for proper immune function, bodily healing, and growth in young children.

Zinc deficiency can be linked to health complications such as anemia, loss of appetite, growth repression, and hair loss. There health possibilities being explored by many that Zinc can treat and shorten the lifespan of the common cold, prevent pneumonia,osteoporosis and treat acne. Zinc is also considered effective in treating diarrhea, though in overuse it can be linked to its cause. As a trace element, the body needs small amounts (7 mg/day for women 9.5 mg/day for men)that can best be found everyday in food consumption.

Animal foods tend to contain more zinc than plant based food. Oysters lead the way, though beef and lamb are also good natural sources of zinc. For people that depend on a plant based diet wheat germ can be a good source of zinc, as well as pumpkin seeds, spinach, nuts, mushrooms and beans. 

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