Spirulina is a supplement derived from microalgae and one of the world's first superfoods that contributed to the production of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere billions of years ago. Initially used as an important food source for the Aztecs, spirulina has numerous health benefits and nutritive properties, including a high source of protein and all essential amino acids. Additionally, spirulina contains a high level of chlorophyll which may benefit an individual's immune system, high levels of iron which may aid those suffering from anemia, and high levels of calcium which may benefit young children, pregnant women, and the elderly. 

Spirulina is also an effective supplement used for weight loss. As a natural appetite suppressant, spirulina may be useful in losing unwanted weight. It may also be used to reduce inflammation, allowing the body to better heal itself if under duress. As an easily digestable supplement with no side effects, spirulina can be added to foods in powder form, or ingested in capsule, tablet or pill form. This supplement may be taken up to three times a day to aid in well being. Additionally, spirulina is vegetarian friendly and all natural, an important component in choosing a supplement for one's health.

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