Red clover can be taken in a variety of forms as a health supplement. Red clover is native to Western Asia, Europe and northwest Africa but has been successfully planted and grown in many other regions as well.

There are numerous health conditions red clover is thought to improve especially for women. There are also some areas red clover tablets are used for men as well. Possible reasons for women using red clover include but are not limited to: taking to lower cholesterol, for osteoperosis to increase bone mineral density, to reduce breast pain, to reduce menopausal symptoms, help with cancer of the breast or uterus, alleviating skin conditions, PMS, STD's, lung problems and other conditions. Red Clover is NOT recommended for use if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or taking birth control pills since it can act like estrogen and disturb the natural balance of hormones.

A man could take red clover tablets as a supplement to help with an enlarged prostate gland as it might help their quality of life and decrease the problem of frequent nighttime urination.

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