Maca is an herb (technically it's a root grown underground that looks like a turnip). It's grown in Peru and maca contains different chemicals and amino acids. It was used by the ancient Incan people as a medicinal supplement since they believed it enhanced your mental powers, sex drive and gave you extra energy. Today maca is a staple in Peru and is eaten often prepared in a variety ways. 

According to sources today Maca tablets can be taken for a vast and varied array of health benefits such as helping men and women with low libido, relieving menopausal symptoms, improving semen and sperm quality and quantity, reducing an enlarged prostate, an aphrodisiac, increasing testosterone, increasing endurance, alleviating symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramping, helping with anemia, improving symptoms of chronic fatigue, an antidepressant, an immune system booster and to help with acne.

Avoid using maca if you are pregnant or breast feeding. There are no known interactions of maca with medications but if you are concerned consult with your doctor before taking it

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