Iron is a very important mineral that is found in the human body. Every living cell in the body contains iron. Iron helps to carry and distribute oxygen in the body. Surprisingly, iron deficiency is very common. Studies show millions are not getting their minimal iron requirements in their daily meals. Some might decide to take iron in the form of supplements or capsules and pills. 

Iron is found naturally in many of the foods that we eat daily. Some great iron sources include seafood, lean meats, beans, vegetables, tofu, fortified grain products. Studies show that a large number of women are iron deficient. Certainly, pregnant women, older women, and even teens require an extra boost of iron to regulate their body at certain times. Signs that you might be iron deficient include shortness of breath, rapid heartbeats, cold hands and feet, brittle nails and hair.

Others that might require more iron include those that exercise a lot, people that are on a weight loss program, those women that are pregnant or breast feeding.

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