Green tea is generally grown in China and throughout Asia and has been shown to have many health benefits. There are many varieties of green tea and now it is not only available as a tea that you can brew and drink, but also in pill, tablet, or capsule form.

Green tea contains numerous antioxidants which help to eliminate free radicals which can cause damage to cells in the body. One of the antioxidants that green tea contains is EGCG, which has not only been shown to have health benefits but in some laboratory tests has actually reduced the size of some tumors. A few of the other health benefits that green tea may contain are: helping the body to burn fat, increasing metabolism and energy levels, and improving brain function.

Compounds call catechins in green tea, in several studies, have been shown to inhibit viruses and kill bacteria. Other possible health benefits that you may derive from drinking green tea or taking green tea supplements are: a lower risk of type II diabetes, a reduced risk of heart disease, loss of weight, and in one Japanese study, it appeared that people who drank a pint or more of green tea a day actually lived longer.

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