Capsicum is derived from red hot peppers; it is what gives them a spicy taste. The household cooking spice paprika is made from the capsicum plant. These plants were revered by Native Americans for their medicinal properties. Capsicum has plenty of different uses as an herbal supplement.

Capsicum can stimulate your metabolism by activating the part of your nervous system that controls the oxidation of body fat. With exercise, some studies have shown increase in fat breakdown by 42%. Capsicum also is known to have antioxidant qualities, decrease appetite, and improve blood circulation.
Capsicum has other health benefits as well. Taking capsicum supplements can help internally with throat irritation, infection, and stomach ailments. Taken daily this capsicum capsule can protect against the hardening of the arteries and heart disease. This supplement also aids in digestion and soothes aches caused by arthritis. 

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