Alpha Lipoic Acid is a supplement which works similarly to vitamin C. It is an antioxidant which attacks free radicals and uses up additional energy in the body. Alpha Lipoic Acid is soluble in water and fat so that the supplement may be taken with or without food.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is found in yeast, liver, kidney, broccoli, and potatoes. It is not something which is completely foreign to the human body and is naturally consumed nearly every day. It is a fatty acid which is a crucial component of the krebs cycle. This is how the body converts glucose from carbohydrates into energy. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid has many benefits for those whom have age-related health issues. It is designed to repair damaged cells and reverse serious health conditions. Most whom take it feel younger and healthier in the long run. Many studies also suggest that the supplement can protect the brain from a stroke and can benefit people suffering from diabetes. 

Less of this important nutrient is produced by the aging body. This is the reason for which a supplement can be beneficial to those looking to regain their lost vitality. Alpha Lipoic Acid can be purchased in the form of a capsule.

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