African Mango is the fruit of a species of tree found on the African continent. Most African mango trees are found in the jungle and forest regions of the Congo, Nigeria and Uganda. 

The species, Irvingia gabonensis goes by the common name African mango but may also be referred to as bush mango, dika, wild mango, or ogbono. The African mango tree bears mango-like, spherical fruit. These fruits contain a seed or dika nut that can be eaten raw or cooked and processed into a wide variety of edibles.

Most people are interested in African mango’s use as a weight loss supplement. The most referenced clinical study consisted of a month long, double-blind study of 102 overweight people. Those who received African mango supplements experienced more weight loss, fat loss, and waist circumference reduction that those given the placebo.

There have been few clinical studies yet existing research shows there may be benefits in supplementing with African mango if you suffer from diabetes or obesity. There also could be benefits relating to the antioxidant, gastrointestinal, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties of the African mango.

Most common dosage recommendations are a 150 mg capsule twice per day up to 30 minutes prior to a meal. 

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