The goji berry, a shrub fruit from the plants lycium barbarum and lycium chinense is also known as wolfberry, is a superfood. This bright orange-red fruit found on shrubs is consumed as a supplement to promote general health. Goji, originating from Asia, is part of the Solonaceae family. This family includes other fruits and vegetables including potatoes, eggplant, and tomatoes. The goji shrubs are located in the south of China and the Ningxia Hui Autonomus region. Consumption of the goji berry varies. Goji can be dried, cooked, or raw when eaten. The berry is found in beverages such as wine, tea, and juices. Goji is available in pill form for those who prefer this method. The goji berry offers several potential benefits. This berry reduces fatigue and helps to strengthen the immune system. Other benefits include protection for vital organs and aiding visual health. The goji berry, taken either in its original form or in pills, is a supplemental dietary aid.

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