Doctors Claim Sugar is the New Nicotine

Florida Miami Beach Publix Grocery Store supermarket company business shopping groceries food package display cookie aisle NabisMillions of people have struggled to quit smoking in large part because of the strong addiction that nicotine poses. Now, physicians are stating that the new nicotine of the current generation is the common sweetener called sugar. The white powder is found in a wide range of foods, breads, soups, salad dressings, cereals, drinks, snacks, etc. For example, it was determined that Heinz popular tomato soup balances out the acidic taste of its tomato base with four teaspoons of sugar in every serving. Over the years, manufacturers have increasingly relied on sugar to boost the taste of their processed foods to spur sales, but it is impacting the health of society with increased rates of obesity and diabetes. Now, both academics and physicians are calling for a 30% across the board reduction in the quantity of sugar used in processed foods. For now, concerned health professionals are asking for food manufacturers to cut back on sugar use voluntarily. The popular UK tabloid site called The Daily Mail has weighed in on the sugar epidemic with a different take on the matter. They have created a special process for sugar withdrawal called "The Sugar Detox". The plan was assembled as a joint effort by Dr. Brooke Alpert and a dermatologist by the name of Dr. Patricia Farris. The plan is designed to enable people to break their sugar addiction in just three days and fundamentally alter their life by day 30. Benefits will include better looking skin, an increased youthful appearance, and weight loss.

Determining if Sugar is an Addiction

The diet's first step is for a person to determine if they have a sugar addiction. Just as anyone looking to overcome an addiction, recovery starts with acknowledging the problem. To facilitate that self-diagnosis, ten simple questions are posed to a person regarding how sugars and carbs are embraced. Remember, carbs get broken down in the digestive process to an equivalent of sugar. So a carb heavy diet is a stealth way to get a sugar fix and needs to be addressed as well. The questions posed to the reader cover issues such:
  • Experiencing a mid-afternoon energy crash
  • Needing sweetened coffee or carbonated soda to get through the day
  • A fixation on sugar without regard to appetite
  • Covertly eating and storing sweet snacks
  • Past failures giving up carbs
  • Past efforts to scale back or cut out sugars
  • Inability to celebrate without the use of sugars
  • Remorse over consuming sugars and carbs from starchy foods
  • Tempering foul moods via starchy carbs
  • Tempering foul moods with sugars
The answers to questions posed will determine if a person has a sugar addiction, a moderate addiction or is managing their sugar intake well.

A Paradigm Shift to the Discover the Hidden Enemy

sugar-busters-1It appears that society has missed the mark in dietary health by on aversion to fat consumption. The authors assert that fats are not the concern. It is sugar and refined carbohydrates that are to causing the health problems people are experiencing. Low-fat foods that people consider as healthy such as alternatives to unhealthy meals such as bread and pasta are rich in sugar. In fact, some breakfast cereals commonly thought of as healthy are actually laden with sugar such as Jordan's Super 3 Seed Granola, Sainsbury's Muesli, and Special K cereal. Granted, the "healthy" cereals have much less sugar per serving than children's sugar cereals, but the quantity of sugar is still unhealthy.

The Key to the 3-Day Detox

The key to breaking the sugar addiction is to focus on lean proteins. For example, it is recommended to eat three eggs for breakfast prepared in any manner along with low carb veggies. Both lunch and dinner consists of lean chicken or turkey along with vegetables. Mid-morning & afternoon snacks consists of nuts or peppers & humus. Fish can also be eaten. Also, beans and chickpeas are excellent side dishes for meals. Drinking lots of water is important to allow the liver to flush out the sugars in the bloodstream. Herbal and black teas are also allowed. All the food that is cooked should be prepared in either coconut or olive oil. Also, these specific foods are not to be consumed for three days: fruits with the exception of limes and lemons, cheeses, yoghurts, milk, sugars either natural or artificial, and sweeteners. For more information, read the complete article at the link provided below.