Motivational Fitness Factors - Find what Moves You

There are several different types of motivators to consider when planning your exercise routine. You have to figure out what incentives will drive you to complete the task. Finding your reasons for exercising will automatically motivate you to get started. This is always the hardest part- getting started- and it is especially true when trying to find the motivation to start running.

Routine Routine Routine- Find What is Normal for You

fitness-motivation-1The most important thing to remember for your long term fitness is your routine! It take three weeks to make a habit, so set up a routine for the next few weeks and you will find that it gets easier. Do not get discouraged when making your routine, simply improvise anytime you need to. Before you know it you will start running because it feels normal!
  • Plan ahead
  • Improvise
  • Ask for help and support
  • Set reminders and make lists

Minutes to get Motivated - Know Your Role!

Start with small tasks, for example take time to study what exercise is best for you or what technology is available to help you. Staying focused seems easier said than done, but here are some motivational tips to keep you moving! Do not overexert your muscles, know what is healthy for your body type! No one knows yourself better than you!
  • Give yourself the time to work your way up
  • Know your minimum and your maximum potential
  • Average workouts to 30 minutes a day
  • Average 4 days a week for workouts

Visualization - From Imagination to Determination

One motivator is visualization, the process of mentally mapping out your every step to achieve your goal. It works by simply visualizing every action you have to perform to complete the task from getting dressed to getting past the finish line. Do not forget to visualize your rewards too! Plan when and where you will run, think of your favorite upbeat music and the more you visualize yourself doing it, it will seem easier to get started. You will realize that every step to get started running is a mixture of simple tasks that you already do during the day! Go even further and post to do lists in visible places, utilize technology to keep your goals with in eye shot. This visualization process is proven to motivate you and make the task of exercising manageable.
  • Imagine every action of the run
  • Get creative, remind yourself in different ways
  • Run with the end in mind
  • Think of all shortcuts time savers

Community Events - Running for a Cause

Suck-It-Up-Now-Gym-MotivationAnother way to stay motivated is social accountability or rewards and incentives when running for a cause! Training for a deadline can be tough mentally, but it gives you several rewards to work towards. Most of the time community hosted events will have prizes like gift cards or trophies and not to mention the reward of health and confidence. To stay motivated for the race, find a cause that is meaningful to you, then get your community involved by advertising the event. You can go as far as hosting your own race for your own cause, anything from health awareness to charity donations. Even the kids and the entire family can get involved!
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Help collect funds for a cause
  • Boost self esteem and confidence

Achieve and Believe- Exercise for personal growth

More so, socializing opens up a lot of opportunity for measuring the progress of your achievements and personal growth. Social media allows you to signal value by showing off your results like your determination and your confidence! Eventually, people will notice and compliment you or at least start a conversation about what works for you. On the other hand, those same people will notice when stop exercising also! Socializing allows you to recruit friends to exercise with you to keep you motivated. A strong support system is vital to keeping up the routine!
  • Be proud of yourself and utilize bragging rights
  • Compare yourself to your role models
  • Connect with other runners for support

Feel the power - Train for results

Joining a gym is something that will help you feel the power! You can take it a step further and get a trainer, or go with friends and family! They will support you and give you the confidence to continue long term. A personal fitness trainer will help you set goals and show you how every step of the way! The gym itself may offer aerobic classes or yoga, but a good trainer will challenge you on different terrains and different levels.
  • Get inspired by others success stories
  • Change running paths often
  • Focus on cardio, stretching and strength building

Professional Opinions - Listen for Motivation

Most people start exercising when they see the need and fear the health consequences of not exercising. Motivate yourself by going for a physical or check up and ask your doctor what would be good for your long term health. There are several benefits for your heart and lungs.
  • Improves breathing circulation
  • Expands lung capacity
  • Prevent stroke and heart attacks

Brain Power - When Smarts and Vanity Benefit

Exercising is the best time to clear your mind and release stress! You can use this time to meditate, relax, breathe or to think about nothing at all but your next steps. Exercise even helps you sleep better! The possibilities are endless! Running is important for the brain too, not just muscle tone and weight.
  • Relieve stress
  • Heightened learning
  • Improves memory

Reward Yourself - Because You Deserve It

More importantly than goal setting is your rewards! Help yourself find the fun in exercising by rewarding yourself every step of the way. Even if you can not go shopping for running gear, or if you can not eat what you, then try rewarding yourself in other ways. Indulge in your victory!
  • Steam room to relax
  • Get a massage for special occasions
  • Sit in a dry sauna after workouts

What Keeps You Moving? - Finding What You're Made Of

All in all, when you find your motivator, you will naturally feel the need to exercise. Exercising is a lifestyle, not a chore, so set your routine today! So, what motivates you? That little black dress? Your new dog? Those new running shoes? You deserve it! Stay focused and you will find what you are made of!