Raspberry ketones are naturally occurring compounds found in red raspberries, cranberries, and even blackberries. The ketone is biosynthesized from chemical intermediates to produce a fragrant product used in foods and health supplements. Ketones are useful in low-carbohydrate diets, which prevent the body to retain fat. Raspberry ketones share a similar molecular structure to capsaicin, which studies suggest prevent weight gain. 

Research in animals suggests that raspberry ketones increase metabolism, and affects adiponectin which may aid in weight loss, obesity, and an increase in lean body mass by regulating blood sugar levels and metabolism. Studies have also shown that they may cause fat to be broken down further in cells, a process called lipolysis, preventing the body to retain the fat and burn it faster instead. Furthermore, there is also evidence that raspberry ketones may increase hair growth in men after being applied to the scalp and improve skin elasticity in both men and women.

Raspberry ketones may be taken under the tongue in forms of liquid drops, and may also be ingested by capsules. This supplement provides increased energy without jitters and contains ant-oxidants which may promote healthy cardiovascular function. Typically, raspberry ketones can be taken half an hour before each meal. 

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