Hoodia gordonii, more commonly known as Hoodia, is a flowering succulent plant native to South Africa. The indigenous population of the area has long valued Hoodia for its healing properties that battle indigestion and infections. Hoodia is most well known for its appetite suppressant qualities that the South African people take advantage of during long expeditions into the Kalahari Desert. People the world over are now beginning to discover the benefits of supplementing with Hoodia.

Available in convenient capsule or pill form, Hoodia is a safe and natural supplement with no known negative side effects. Anyone with weight loss goals may find Hoodia to be an invaluable tool in their journey to a slimmer physique.

Hoodia works by curbing the appetite. Hoodia contains a molecule, known as P57, that affects the hypothalamus of the brain. The hypothalamus, known to regulate appetite, may recognize this molecular action as similar to a glucose release. By conceivably tricking the brain into thinking that food has been consumed, the hypothalamus releases signals of satiety. This may translate into feelings of fullness and satisfaction, while consuming fewer calories.

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