Creatine is a naturally produced organic acid that is comprised 100 percent by amino acids. The amino acids that come together to create creatine are L-arginine, glycine and L-methionine. These acids are typically found in the kidney and in the liver. Much of the creatine that is naturally produced in the human body can be found in the muscle tissue. 

Creatine has a lot of different benefits. One of the more popular benefits of a creatine supplement is for for those who are physically active, particularly those who are looking to gain strength and muscle mass. Creatine has also been popular because of its ability to increase the recovery time after a hard training session, particularly one that involves heavy weight training.

Creatine helps give you small bursts of energy that help in physical activity. It aids in the production of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), which is what your body uses as energy. Creatine helps to produce ATP in small amounts, but is done quickly. This is why those who are into physical activity that requires a lot of energy for a short time, such as sprinting and weight training, use creatine supplements.

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