Billberry supplements are made from the dried fruit and leaves of the billberry plant. Billberry fruit comes from billberry shrubs. The latin name for this plant is Vaccinium myrtillus. Billberries are edible and are related to blueberries, which are more common, but are more difficult to grow. Billberries are a very dark blue colour, almost black. Billberry shrubs are plentiful across Europe, including Iceland.

Billberry supplements can be taken in pill form as both a tablet and a capsule. It has a number of benefits, and is used to make eyesight better and to treat eye disorders in general. It is also used for treating a diverse group of ailments including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hemorrhoids and Kidney disease to name just a few. 

Billberry contains tannins which reduce swelling. Billberry leaves also contain flavonoids which are though by some researchers to improve circulation. Billberry is also thought by some researchers to lower blood sugar levels, which is why it is sometimes used to treat diabetes. 

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